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Prevagen is an over- the-counter supplement for healthy brain function and memory improvement.*1
We’ve provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.


Prevagen (Pronounced: prev-uh-gin) is a brain health supplement clinically shown to help with mild memory issues.*¹Click to learn more. Prevagen is the only product that is formulated with unique ingredient apoaequorin.
Discovered in jellyfish, apoaequorin is safe and uniquely supports brain function.* Apoaequorin, the unique ingredient in Prevagen, has undergone extensive safety testing.
Prevagen has been shown to support healthy brain function, sharper mind, and clearer thinking.* See Prevagen reviews here
In a double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trial subgroups of individuals who were cognitively normal or mildly impaired, taking just one Prevagen a day over 90 days improved certain aspects of cognitive function.* Click here to see the clinical study.
Yes, 3 peer-reviewed safety studies have been conducted. Click here to see the safety studies.
According to a 2024-2025 survey conducted by Pharmacy Times of pharmacists who recommend memory support products, Prevagen was the number one recommended brand.
Yes. Prevagen has met the standards for NSF’s Contents Certified certification program. The NSF is one of the most respected independent certification organizations in existence today. Learn more about their testingby clicking here.
No, a prescription is not needed to buy Prevagen. Prevagen is not a drug but is a dietary supplement that is available over-the-counter and also availablehere. Click here to shop now!
As with any new supplement regimen, you may want to talk with your doctor before beginning Prevagen use.
If you are concerned with any side effects, you may want to talk with your doctor before beginning Prevagen use.
After many years of research Prevagen was introduced in 2007. Prevagen has grown to become the #1 dietary supplement in drug stores† and is available in over 50,000 stores nationwide. †According to Nielsen data
Yes, visit ourPrevagen Rewardspage to start earning points towards a discount for your next purchase!
See what real Prevagen users have to say. Click here for Prevagen Reviews.
Yes, you can continue to take your vitamin and mineral supplements with Prevagen. Prevagen works unlike any other supplement to help support the brain.* Prevagen works in a complementary way to other vitamin and mineral supplements. It is not meant to replace your current supplement regimen.
Prevagen is available inregular strength (10 mg) and extra strength (20 mg). This gives the option of choosing what’s right for you.
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Prevagen Branded Products Money Back Guarantee Description:

If you purchase any Prevagen® branded product from an authorized dealer, and you are not completely satisfied, follow the instructions below to receive a refund of your purchase price (after any discounts and coupons used, including taxes and shipping charges) up to 45 days after date of purchase.

In order to get your refund, please follow the simple steps below:

  1. Purchase a Prevagen branded product from an authorized reseller.
  2. Save the original receipt and the original bottle(s) with any unused product.
  3. Call 877-977-3824 for assistance in processing your return.
  4. You will either be instructed to return the product to your original place of purchase or it will be processed directly through the agent you speak with on your call.

This offer is valid in the 50 United States and D.C. only.

For returns that are processed by phone, allow 6 – 8 weeks for shipment of your refund check. Product must have been purchased at an authorized dealer (in-store or online); promotional or free products are not eligible for this offer. Offer is limited to individuals and only one refund will be issued per request; bulk requests and requests made by groups, clubs or organizations will not be honored. Employees, independent contractors and temporary employees of Prevagen, Inc. or Quincy Bioscience are not eligible. Prevagen is not responsible for lost, late, damaged, misdirected, incomplete, incorrect, illegible or postage due requests or mail. Void where prohibited.

Reproduction, purchase, sale or trade of this certificate, proof-of-purchase or cash register receipt is prohibited. Fraudulent submission could result in federal prosecution under mail fraud statutes (Title 18, United States Code, sections 1341 and 1342). Sponsor: Prevagen, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin 53717.


Prevagen Authorized Dealer and Warranty Statement

Prevagen is firmly committed to providing our customers with safe and reliable products through authorized dealers. Unfortunately, Prevagen products are sometimes sold by companies that are not authorized to do so. Goods sold by these unauthorized companies are not purchased from Prevagen; instead they are acquired from a host of other sources. Due to the nature of the goods sold by unauthorized dealers and their business practices, products sold by unauthorized dealers are not entitled to Prevagen warranty coverage. We are using our best efforts (including this warning) to prohibit these companies from taking advantage of consumers, but these practices still exist. We urge you to use diligence when selecting a dealer to make your purchase.

Our policy is to honor product warranties only on products purchased from an authorized Prevagen dealer and only accompanied by a receipt or proof of purchase. If you purchase a Prevagen product from an unauthorized dealer or if the original serial number has been removed, defaced or altered, your Prevagen warranty will not be valid.


Online Sellers

A further note about online sellers (particularly those on or Many resellers who sell through and are not authorized resellers of Prevagen products. When purchasing Prevagen products on or, it is important to note where the product is being “shipped from and sold by,” which is stated clearly in the header for each product.

Prevagen products sold by unauthorized dealers sometimes are purchased on a secondary “gray” market or may be damaged, defective or so-called “B” stock goods, or stolen goods.


Beware of Unauthorized Prevagen Products

Like many premium goods, Prevagen products are being stolen and sold, usually at drastically reduced prices and diminished quality. These products do not meet Prevagen standards and are not covered under Prevagen warranty. If you would like to report a suspected counterfeit Prevagen product or have questions concerning this issue, please contact Customer Service at 1-888-758-7358. We appreciate your help in maintaining the integrity of the Prevagen brand.


Beware of Other Product Package Alterations

Many times, products from unauthorized reseller have product lot numbers that have been changed or even removed all together. Some products are marked with arbitrary “Use By” or Expiration Dates. Any Prevagen product that does not have a product lot number issued by Prevagen should be returned. Removal or alteration of the original Prevagen product lot will automatically void the warranty on that product.

Some unauthorized resellers remove product inserts and informational materials designed to inform and assist you with the proper use of your purchase. If your Prevagen product is missing its outer box packaging, package insert, or has an obviously altered product lot number label, immediately contact whoever you purchased that product from for resolution and copy Prevagen.

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